I'm a Sonic Fan!

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Anyone should understand their own ambitions on what they are fan of. In my opinion and truly thousand's of other people here on Earth we have one in common: Sonic the Hedgehog

If you don't know who Sonic is, your truly from another planet (maybe Mars or something).

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)
Sonic, who is Sega's mascot, has taken the internet with storm. You can find him on almost any fan-sites, game-sites, world shop-sites (like ebay) and more...

This blue hero has many skills like the rest of game heroes we see on the market today, but one part is separating him from the rest; The Creativity.
When They started Sonic back in 1991, not only did they make video games, but also comics and TV-series and even movies (later).
Today you'll find him even on your daily cup of coffee.
Sonic the Hedgehog has taken a big part in our world and to me it looks like he's "growing" every day like the rest of us...

Unfortunately Sonic has so many fans today on the internet that many have began these fantasies about him or the others in Sonic's Universe.
I wont go to much in details here because many of our fans is not a part in this area, but we are talking basically about 18+ arts. Pictures, flash, and fan fictions.
This may sound like a Sonic passion for some of you who reads this, but don't forget! We're just humans, right?...

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